the gecko brothers ride again

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do you ever think about how fucking lonely Meg must have felt while she died

she’s beaten to a bloody pulp by the man she swore to herself she would bring down

and she’s so weak, and she wants to kill this fucker but deep down she knows it’s over. But she sees that the Winchesters can get away, and she knows that they’re her one shot to take Crowley down once and for all

so she stabs the fucker, even to distract him, and she watches as the Winchesters drive away without a second thought, and god that must have hurt just a bit, because a tiny piece of her thought that she was on their side now

and she’s dying and no one’s in that parking lot, just the King dropping her away like she was nothing but a pest

and maybe a little part of her hopes that she could see Cas just one last time, that one being that treated her with genuine affection and tenderness, but he’s gone and she doesn’t know where

she thinks about Azazel, all the shit she put herself through for him, she thinks about Lucifer, all the love and adoration she felt for him. she thinks about how high she rose, how hard she fell.

and she dies on the pavement, defiant to the end, but lonely and friendless all the same.

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You boys have serious abandonment issues, you know that?

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“Draco should be proud,” said Bellatrix indifferently. “The Dark Lord is granting him a great honor. And I will say this for Draco: he isn’t shrinking away from his duty, he seems glad of a chance to prove himself, excited at the prospect—” Narcissa began to cry in earnest, gazing beseechingly all the while at Snape. “That’s because he is sixteen and has no idea what lies in store! Why, Severus? Why my son? It is too dangerous! This is vengeance for Lucius’s mistake, I know it!” […] She crumpled, falling at his feet, sobbing and moaning on the floor. “My only son… my only son…”

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sam + dean // wendigo

sam + dean // wendigo

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what makes zayn beautiful
gotta be zayn
zayn thing
zayn while we’re young
one zayn or another
best zayn ever
story of my zayn
zayn and i

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